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Jill Thorpe - Kitchen Manager, York Street Kitchen

Posted under Stratford's #nextgen Chefs on Apr 17, 2019

York Street Kitchen

Meet Jill Thorpe, Kitchen Manager at York Street Kitchen. Jill grew up in Oxford, Nova Scotia where she was inspired to pursue her culinary career by her Mother and Grandmother. The dish she is most proud of creating is a chocolate peanut butter pie! When it comes to which celebrity dinner guests she would like to dine with, this is what Jill had to say,  “my only criteria for a dinner guest is that they enjoy food and stimulating conversation.“              

Age: 44

  1. Where did you grow up?
    1. Oxford, Nova Scotia
  2. What or whom inspired you to pursue a culinary career?
    1. My great grandmother and mother
  3. How has the culinary landscape of Stratford and area influenced your cooking?
    1. The wonderful farmers who supply our restaurants create a truly special place. It allows us as cooks and chefs to have close personal relationships with our food and the people who grow it. This is an incredibly rewarding feeling.
  4. What dish are you most proud of creating?
    1. Chocolate peanut butter pie!  It’s creamy peanut butter texture, decadent dark chocolate and sinful salted peanut topping make it absolutely irresistible.
  5. What celebrity would you like to dine with and why?
    1. My only criteria for dinner guests are that they enjoy good food and stimulating conversation. Given those parameters, maybe Julia Child would be fun to have over for dinner.


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