Summer Foraging with Pucks Plenty

Event Date: Saturday Aug. 24th, 2019

Event Time: 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Host: Puck's Plenty Foraging Tours

Contact: 519-271-3726


Summer Foraging with Pucks Plenty

We have to confess, the Chanterelle is our favourite mushroom. It has the perfect texture, the exact sweetness and a limited window of growth that makes the search so exciting. Found mostly under Hemlocks their yellow golden colour makes them fairly easy to spot. But it's their taste. Sauteed in butter and just a bit of garlic with a splash of white wine. We need not say more. For these mushrooms we are venturing once again to Sudden Tract on the skirts of Cambridge, Ontario. Along with the Chanterelles we will search for Honey Mushrooms, an assortment of Boletes, Puffballs and Summer Oysters. 

The well groomed trails of this forest are home to many delicious fungi. Join us and you will see what we mean.

Cost: Sorry, this event is sold out.
$35/Per person

Location: Sudden Tract, Cambridge, 1841 Spragues Road, Cambridge


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