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Come to Stratford early and stay late! Construction delays may be significant in summer 2019 so be sure not to miss out on any fun!

Hwy 7: Adding a round-about at Line 26 between Stratford and St. Marys/London/401 W

Daytime delays may be possible during August, however, all roads and the round-about are open.

Hwy 6 to Embro/401: Replacement of large culvert Aug-Nov

Expect delays but road will not be closed. Hwy 7 detour is suggested as above, if there is an overlap.

Hwy 8 between Stratford and Shakespeare: In progress

Beginning in early June, stretches of this road between the west end of Shakespeare and the east end of Stratford will be reduced on weekdays to a single lane, with flag people controlling traffic in both directions. Delays may be lengthy, so please allow additional time for your trip. (Both lanes are expected to be open on evenings and weekends.)

  • Photo of Hermione Presents ~ SpringWorks: indie theatre&arts festivals
  • Photo of Hermione Presents ~ SpringWorks: indie theatre&arts festivals
  • Photo of Hermione Presents ~ SpringWorks: indie theatre&arts festivals


SpringWorks: indie theatre & arts festivals:


**** CULTURE DAYS *** September 27-29, 2019


SpringWorks ~ DanceWorks 2020

This fall's DanceWorks is being deferred to 2020.

This project will create and share a unique body of short form dance and movement and text based works on the theme “Freedoms” to be presented in Stratford, Ontario. We will invite a group of professional artists from multiple generations and diverse cultures to share their stories and their passion, in the creative process, presentation and in conversation.


SpringWorks~NewWorks  Fall 2020

SWF showcases NEW works in all stages of development including: readings, contemporary dance, music, puppetry, cross-cultural & ‚Äčexploratory theatre forms. Our jury selects accomplished presenters from across Canada and beyond to share their craft and their passion.


SpringWorks~PuppetWorks! July 12-14, 2019
Second mini-fest was a great success
Stratford City Hall Auditorium & Market Square


Thousands joined us for an array of hands-on, experiential and presentational activities:

Whimsical, Whacky, Family-Friendly FUN!  

Puppet Performances ~  Puppet Demos ~ Puppet Films ~ Puppet BUSKERS!

SIP and Shop NIGHT Market : browse, taste, explore a selection of hand-crafted items

+ EVENING Entertainment ~ PuppetShorts ~ a SLAM Cabaret (PG13)

Programming for families, children and adults.


~ and a chance to visit beautiful downtown Stratford, Ontario  

and experience puppetry arts from across Canada! ~


Hermione Presents is a multidisciplinary arts, charitable organization which produces

festivals and arts-based educational programming to introduce our community and its visitors

to new, exciting voices of cultural, artistic and social diversity.


Don’t miss the fun due to construction delays!

“Stratford itself is the type of walkable wholesome town Rodgers and Hammerstein might write a musical about.”

- Amy Alipio, Associate Editor, National Geographic Traveler

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