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  • Photo of Strictly Stratford Productions and The Coach

Strictly Stratford Productions and the Coach offers luxury coach day trip service in southwestern Ontario and beyond as well as promoting never before seen productions in downtown venues.   

"The Coach" is the brainchild of 27-year-old Stratford born and raised resident Derek Andrew Gabriel Kelly.
Strictly Stratford first began as a dream beneath the streets of Toronto on board the TTC subway system on line 1 and plans began on the southbound platform at Yorkdale Station. Our name was realized at The Stratford Festival at The Festival Theatre during a performance of "A Chorus Line". With shocking similarities to the events that took place in Stratford in early the early 1950s with the creation of The Stratford Festival and the first transatlantic call by Tom Patterson to Tyrone Guthrie in England. Our first phone call was too, made to England to director Jennifer Stewart, a relative of Derek's, who also grew up in Stratford and has worked extensively at The Stratford Festival.

We're passionate about sharing theatre with others. We pride ourselves on bringing a unique experience to our patrons. At any given time we're working on adding 4 to 8 new productions to our season list meaning, we are usually selling 6 to 7 shows at the same time. We work with the theatre to narrow down what productions in their season we will offer and when. They also work with us to provide insight on where to dine.  

Derek also uses nearly 25 years of theatre-going experience to his advantage. We use a small business model. Meaning we like to think about our patrons every step of the way and keep things small. We usually sell 28 tickets per trip. We feel keeping things small gives more of a personal service to our patrons.

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