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  • Photo of Tea Leaves
  • Photo of Tea Leaves
  • Photo of Tea Leaves
  • Photo of Tea Leaves

Current: Online shopping and pre-order with front door pick up 7 days a week. Cell phone hotline 519-272-3603 It's Karen!

VISIT TEA LEAVES TEA TASTING BAR and boutique to experience both the simplicity and intimacy of brewing, presenting and savouring this timeless indulgence in a relaxing atmosphere.

Taste before purchase or arrange a pre-booked group tea tasting - a popular attraction many are drawn to.

Sample from a hundred and fifty of the world's best, freshest and most exotic loose-leaf teas - white, green, red, black, smoked, roasted, rolled and many, many more.

Owner Karen Hartwick is Canada's tea sommelier whose passion is introducing people to the sophisticated, rich and varied world of fine tea - from Yunnan and Fugian in China, to Assam and Darjeeling, India, from Shizuoka, Japan to Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka) and beyond.

All teas are selected and arranged by Karen and presented by a trained tea bar attendant, to suit your personal tastes and interests:
• novice to aficionado
• introductory to exotic
• comforting to challenging

Our teas are presented with careful attention to optimal brewing temperatures and infusion times, in sommelier tasting cups, with relevant commentary on origins, production methods, flavour profiles, aromas, colours, textures, health benefits and more.

An impressive range of handpicked teapots, cups, trays, sets and brewing equipment fill the shelves at the Tea Boutique.


“Stratford itself is the type of walkable wholesome town Rodgers and Hammerstein might write a musical about.”

- Amy Alipio, Associate Editor, National Geographic Traveler

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